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Tooth Crowns in South Bend

What Is the Definition of a Tooth Crown?

A tooth crown is any type of cap that is bonded to a tooth after the filing away of worn or damaged enamel. Crowns can also be placed on the tooth after a root canal. A front tooth crown can even be used to correct crooked, chipped, or misshapen teeth. Dentists sometimes use a crown to provide a bonding surface for a dental bridge. In addition, dental implants require a crown to restore the biting and chewing function of the tooth. As you can see, tooth crowns are very useful in dentistry.

Can I Go to Any Dentist for Tooth Crowns?

While virtually any dentist will know how to put in crowns, our dentists have exceptional skills and experience in tooth crowns and other dental procedures. There are plenty of satisfied patients who have gotten a tooth crown in South Bend at our practice. Call us to make an appointment, and one of our dentists will help you decide which type of dental crown procedure is right for you.

What Kinds of Dental Crowns Can I Get?

Modern dental technology offers more options than ever before. Most patients request porcelain crowns because they cannot be distinguished from a normal tooth. Metal amalgam is another option. The blend of metals usually includes gold, silver, tin, and copper. These gold caps are the most durable, but this comes with a cosmetic trade-off. A third option combines elements of both by casting porcelain over a thin shell of metal amalgam. The metal strongly bonds to the tooth while the porcelain imparts a natural appearance. Crowns for teeth can be made of many materials, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Is There a Standard Cost for Dental Crowns?

The cost of having a tooth cap put in is something that the dentist will determine after examining your teeth. There will also be a difference in cost between a gold crown tooth and a ceramic crown. A portion of the dental crown cost may be covered by a dental insurance plan, so be sure to contact us today to find out what types of insurance we accept.

What Is the Process for Putting In Crowns?

Once the dentist has filed away the damaged tooth material, an impression will be taken of the tooth so that dental lab technicians can create a crown that fits perfectly. The fit is crucial for success of the procedure; a poorly fitting crown will only cause more problems in the future. You’ll be sent home with a temporary crown after your first visit. This is necessary to protect the tooth against bacteria and physical stress.

When you come in for your next visit, the permanent crown will be glued on. The high-strength dental cement used in this step will ensure a good bond with no gaps through which bacteria can enter. Before you leave the office, the dentist will advise you on the proper aftercare for a crown.

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Polite and efficient staff, and I especially liked meeting the new dentist, Dr. Patel, I believe, as he was very welcoming and professional.
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The service was excellent from the moment I walked in. The entire staff had a genuine, welcoming smile and seemed to care about every client. I have rarely seen such authentic friendliness and caring […]
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I had a previous concern with the numbing agent. I explained this and they were wonderful working with me and my concerns! Really a great bunch of people!
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Great experience for our grandson. He goes back and has never complained about anything. We also took our 3 son’s there.
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My son has braces from the Dental center, and my daughter might be next. What makes this place awesome for my kid’s dental health, is because of Doctor Richard L. Cohen. He is good with kids, […]
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Dental and office staff are very professional, friendly and punctual. As a working professional, I appreciate the timeliness and efficiency and expertise during my visit. I wouldn’t go anywhere […]
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I’ve been a The dental Center since I was a kid. Once I got married and on insurance that allowed me to stay with them, I didn’t hesitate looking elsewhere. Friendly staff. Love my dental […]
Rebecca R.
The receptionist was very kind. The hygienist was very easy to talk to and informative. The dentist took the time to examine my teeth and make sure I knew the problems I was having.
Kurt K.
Wife in wheelchair, staff goes out of way to help her.
Jeanette C.
I have been going to the Dental Center for years. I love that they hygientist are all friendly and quick. At my last appointment I had to bring my son who has special needs. The hygientist, Terry, […]
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Friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable
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We have been with The Dental Center for about 6 years now and have never been let down with the quality of service and knowledge. Thank you!
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Service is efficient and everyone is friendly.
Christine B.
The doctor and her assistant were great. I had a reaction to the lidocaine and they took care of me in a very comforting way!
Janus H.
Dr Carrol was the best oral surgeon i have ever seen. I asked him to be gentle when giving the numbing shot and was very gentle when extracting the tooth. I have had little to no pain afterwards. No […]
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Everybody is so friendly. I love this place!
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Everyone is fantastic!
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Cordial and knowledgeable staff
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staff is very friendly and competent
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